How to treat nail fungus on feet

Fungal infection on legs a very common disease. To catch easily enough, but the treatment is complex and long. So the question arises: what medication to choose?

Fungus of the toenails

The best effect gives a comprehensive treatment that consists of using a combination of drugs and the treatment of folk remedies at home.

How to understand that it's a fungus?

To determine the nail fungus on the feet is possible and without referring to a specialist. Characteristic features are changes in the color of the nail, odor. The nail crumbles under it appears empty.

The first symptoms that you have a fungal disease:

  • Nail changes its natural colour and lustre, becoming dull white or yellowish-brown.
  • Loses shape and thickens, splits or breaks.
  • Appears dead mass under the nail plate.
  • Inflamed hole.
  • There is an unpleasant smell.

The initial stage of the disease usually begins with the thumb with one hand. If the time to detect the problem, you may simple and inexpensive treatment. At the advanced stage should be referred to a specialist, as home treatment of even high-quality drugs may not help.

Methods for the treatment of nail fungus

Today there are several ways to treat fungal infections on feet

Nail fungus
  • Laser;
  • Drugs;
  • Folk remedies.

With a quick and effective method of treatment is laser. Just a couple of days you've forgotten about such a problem as a fungus. However, this is a costly option, and not all cities have clinics that offer these services.

More often used for the treatment of medicinal products and traditional recipes. Consider the most popular and effective tools, tested over the years, the recipes that our grandmothers practiced.

Folk remedies

Fungus treatment toenails of people's means should be if the stage is not running.

Here are the most effective recipes that help get rid of nail fungus

  • Every day treat the affected finger 20% alcohol solution of propolis.
  • Prepare onion paste and apply to the affected area.
  • The patient lubricate nail juice of celandine several times a day.
  • 5% povidone iodine was applied on the diseased nail.

But the most popular tool used to treat nail fungus at home is hydrogen peroxide.

Use regular peroxide to treat the fungus as follows:

  • rasparte feet in soda solution (per liter of water 1 teaspoon of baking soda);
  • take a cotton pad and soak it with peroxide;
  • apply to the affected nail and hold for 40-60 minutes.

To enhance the effect, wrap the finger, which made cotton pad with the peroxide polyethylene. Also during the day bury a few drops of peroxide into the cavity of the nail.

Alternative to compress can be of baths with peroxide. To do this, dissolve 2 tablespoons of 3% peroxide in a liter of warm water and hold it in hands or feet (depends on where the fungus) for 20-30 minutes. Repeat the procedure better in the morning and evening.

You can also do baths with iodine. To do this, add in 3 liters of hot water 20 drops of iodine. Place feet or hands in the basin and keep for 20 minutes. Then carefully wipe the feet with a towel and apply the cream from a fungus (any of following) in order to speed up healing.

Fungal disease

You can still make homemade yeast infection cream. To do this, mix: raw 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and the same acetic acid 70% and ointments from mosquitoes (sold in every pharmacy). Mix well and apply on problem areas of the foot after steaming iodine or saline bath. Then put on the plastic bags feet and socks. In the morning remove everything and remove the excess ointment with a tissue. Repeat the procedure daily until complete recovery from the fungus.

Pharmaceutical preparations

To cure a running form of nail fungus at home only with the help of peroxide, tincture of calendula or salt baths will not work. You need to use medication. And it is better to carry out a comprehensive treatment and treat the affected nail and the popular recipes and special ointments and creams from the fungus.

Also pay attention to antifungal pills, because in some cases, topical treatment of nail fungus or skin is not enough.


At the first sign of nail fungus, you need to take action. At the initial stage (there were white spots under the nails and voids) will help folk remedies and baths. If the nail is already crumbling, yellowed and there is a bad smell connect to treatment drugs: gels and ointments.