Nail fungus

nail fungus

In case of disorder in the body, it signals about it. External signs disorders — hair loss, rash, fungus on the nails. These symptoms require attention and careful examination, because they can hide serious illnesses.

Fungal lesions should be treated in the first stages of appearance, it can destroy the nail and cause irritation of the soft tissues of the finger. Pathology leads to constant unpleasant sensations, affects the quality of life of the patient, causing a constant sense of embarrassment in front of others and fear of infecting loved ones.

Nail fungus refers to contagious diseases in medicine, it is called onychomycosis, or simply fungal infection. Illness treated in a hospital setting, under the supervision of the attending doctor.

Nail fungus on hands

Nail fungus appears more often in women, but men are also susceptible to fungal growth. The initial stage of nail fungus is that the nail grows dull, yellowish tint and eventually turns brown. If you notice a change in nail color, consult a specialist for advice and analysis.

Then there are white spots on the nail plate. They differ in size, acquire a yellowish tint. The nail to deform, change shape, twisted, it becomes fragile, brittle and crumbly.

The subsequent stages, without proper treatment, a fungal infection that enters the skin and gradually eats away. The affected skin becomes inflamed, swollen, scaly, oozing sores appear. With proper care hand pathology can be avoided.

Anyho the mycosis of the fingernails are more frequently exposed women, the reason is non-sterile instruments manicure. According to statistics, this becomes the root cause of the emergence and development of fungus on the hands. Carefully watch how the wizard handles the tools.

Fungus of the toenails

Fungus of the toenails

The fungus affects most nails of the lower extremities. The main reason is the poor hygiene of the feet. Excessive sweating on the feet, uncomfortable or too tight shoes, using shoes several people — accepted social norms. This behavior becomes a source of infection, which are difficult to remove.

Athlete's foot is an infectious and contagious disease that you can get in contact with the infected surface: wear sneakers, go in the shower after a person with onychomycosis of the feet. The greatest risk when using public places like pools, saunas, baths. Moist environment and elevated temperatures promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

Though the disease and not life threatening, but causes discomfort, itching, burning, discomfort. Prevents to lead a normal, healthy life because it affects the body involved in the lives of 75% of the time — our feet.


Signs of nail fungus

Fungal infection — different configurations, origin and a few different manifest. A common symptom of a lesion of the nail, the appearance of white spots that become larger. The first symptoms are not forced to wait. After a week or two after penetration of bacteria into the nail visible signs and see what it looks like fungus of the toenails.

On toe nails appear longitudinal stripes of yellow or brown. The nail plate is sealed on both sides — yellow and crumbles. The lesion extends from the end or from the root of the nail. The most common situation affected a large free edge of the nail, followed by the rest of the nails, the space between the fingers.

On the skin feeling of itching and burning, there are signs of a diaper rash.

Odor, increased perspiration — a clear reason to go to the doctor. If you do not start treatment immediately, then the nail will be completely brown, strongly deformed and crumble. Appear white or yellowish coating on the skin around the nail, then between the fingers, on the pad of the thumb. Advanced foot sides covered with mold, the skin is inflamed, scaly, swollen feet. Possible total loss of the nail, and the view is terrifying. Rapid bacteria appears in a strong smell of decay. View the video symptoms of fungus on the feet legs and how dangerous it is.


Causes of nail fungus

The causative agent of nail fungus is the fungus of the genus Candida. Under normal conditions, these organisms live in the environment, and even present in the human body. Do not bring any harmful effect only because constantly suppressed other bacteria in our body and our immune system.

Activation of the parasitic properties of Candida occurs when their favorable conditions occur. This General weakening of our body, the violation of elementary rules of hygiene, unsanitary standards.

We are constantly in contact with parasites in the environment, but the body rejects a negative impact. The susceptibility increases due to the following factors:

  • excessive sweating of the feet;
  • constant walking in tight and uncomfortable shoes;
  • a weak immune system;
  • trauma to the nail or the skin around;
  • violation of hygiene of the feet;
  • internal malfunctions in the endocrine or nervous system;
  • the use of the saunas and pools;
  • old age.

Such conditions include our skin easier to take parasites and less to resist the destructive action. Once in the dermis, the bacteria settle, germinate and delay disputes. If no specialized treatment, continue to grow and the effect is compounded.

The direct route of infection: contact with the natural habitat of the Candida, like soil, plants, animals. Indirect — to receive the infection from another person through the use of shoes, towel, things.


Treatment of nail fungus

The first thing do finding symptoms — refer to a specialist. A highly specialized doctor who treats exclusively fungal infections mycologist. In the realities of our life it is difficult to find specials. If you are not able to access it, it will help the dermatologist. Its elements — skin diseases, and it will help to solve the problem with the nails.

After the analysis the doctor is the treatment. Fungus toenails — persistent sore, which bring difficult. Standard antiseptic or disinfectant is help for prevention but not for treatment.

Medications are assigned to local use. Exception — when the background has mycosis disturbed metabolism. Then prescribed remedies to boost immunity and b vitamins for growth and strengthen nails, calcium.

To win the fight against athlete's foot, apply a strong specialty drugs: ointment or drops. In a recent popular treatment of nail polishes.

The varnishes are distinguished by the fact that in contrast to other funds that are not erased during the walk and remain in effect throughout the day. Assigned as part of combination therapy or as a standalone medication. Paints have dramatically positive result, if struck by no more than 50% of the nail plate.

Inexpensive and effective remedy is tea tree oil. It is a powerful antiseptic, based on antibacterial action. The oil is known for its properties to kill fungus, so widely used by doctors.


Please note! Athlete's foot is a microscopic bacteria, fungi that reproduce constantly, and they do it with great speed. So need to get rid of all the latest bacteria. Interrupted treatment or improper treatment will lead to relapse.

Take treatment of all your responsibility. The result depends on your self discipline. Well-written course will be useful only in the case that stick to it.

If you don't pay attention to the processes caused by fungal infection, it threatens not only the loss of the nail, but also the deterioration of the whole organism. From inflammation in one place affects all systems of your body, because most of the energy on fighting the infection. Violation of metabolic processes — the very first thing danger.

Don't forget to handle all things that had contact, otherwise relapse can not be avoided. Thoroughly disinfect the shoes, floors, bedding, bathroom. At the time of treatment it is advisable not to walk barefoot around the house and not to visit public places where there is the possibility of infection.

If you live more people take preventive measures to protect them from infection. And after completing the course, do not forget about the prevention of fungus, use antiseptics and carefully follow the hygiene of lower extremities.

Folk remedies

In addition to conventional medicines, craftsmen know the secrets of self-healing pathology. These methods are based entirely on natural products, which are easy to get in a natural environment. Cheap time proven methods.

This is useful because most used components you can easily find the home of every housewife. Proponents of alternative medicine claim that the treatment by natural means is much more effective than pharmaceutical drugs.

The most common — feet treatment with iodine. Thus bacteria fungus prizhivayutsya and die. The affected nail plate twice a day liberally smeared solution of iodine 5%. Iodine acts slowly. This exterior treatment method, after 3 weeks of this treatment you will notice some improvement. And only 40-50 days guaranteed to forget what it looks like nail fungus and what it is.

Iodine not only destroys the parasitic bacteria but also helps to restore and strengthen the nail plate. On the site of the destroyed nail grows a new, healthy and whole. Alcohol solution removes itching and burning of the skin as an antiseptic and removes the nasty smell.

Iodine can be used in conjunction with other means. Mixing the iodine with celandine, you will receive the ointment. Treat her heel and toes a few times during the day. The effect is clearly visible already after 2 weeks.

Parallel to take vitamin herbal or means to strengthen the immune system. It will improve overall health and help him to fight from the inside.

Broad popular vinegar baths. Acetic acid has excellent properties in the fight against mold and other fungi. Baths with this drug did not harm the skin, and the infection completely inhibited.

Suitable for use as an ordinary table vinegar 9%, and Apple. In particularly difficult cases it is possible to increase the concentration, applying the 70% vinegar. Common scheme is to use 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar. There you can add tea tree oil for a stronger antiseptic effect.

This method is suitable for those who have the time to do their legs, as each session lasts 30 minutes, and to repeat it it is necessary twice a day. Best time — morning and evening. Vinegar baths are not applied as self remedy because only inhibit or stop the development and proliferation of microorganisms. Spores die in the created acidic environment, but adults in most remain. For the most complete and effective treatment is to use the complex.

After the bath, remove the affected nail, and sachette with a pumice stone the skin around. So you remove the larger layer of accumulated bacteria. And then apply the antifungal agent to achieve the maximum benefit from the operations.

It is important to know! In advanced stages, traditional medicine may not be the only means to combat athlete's foot. It is necessary to use medication, otherwise attempts to get rid of the infection will not succeed.

Traditional methods can be applied only in cases, if it allowed the doctor. In some situations it is strictly forbidden to influence on the nail with alcohol or vinegar.

The greatest effect of all the unconventional ways in the first stage of the development of onychomycosis, until then, until there are open sores on the skin and inflammation of the fingers, feet.