Choosing the best nail polish for fungus

It is possible to fight onychomycosis in a complex way, using a wide range of medicines, among which it is important to use varnishes from toenail fungus. Such antimycotic agents are easy to use, have practically no contraindications, and they can be used at any stage of the disease, provided that the fungus has affected no more than 60% of the surface of the nail plate. It is possible to use varnish from a fungus not only as a separate medicine, but also in combination with other medicines prescribed by a doctor after a diagnosis.

Features of choice and advantages of varnishes

Any effective fungicidal varnish must meet its declared properties and meet certain requirements for all antifungal drugs. These include:

  • Efficiency that manifests itself from the first days of use,
  • The ability to negatively affect fungi of any kind,
  • Prevent recurrence of foci of fungal infection of the toenails,
  • Have a minimum of contraindications,
  • Eliminate the symptoms that a fungal infection entails.


Only a specialist will be able to choose the most suitable varnish from the fungus of the nail plate on the legs, which will contain the required amount of active ingredients. Independent attempts to choose a drug can lead to the use of a drug with a reduced content of antifungal components, which in turn will cause immunity in the infection to the drug used.

Nail fungus varnish is designed specifically to eliminate the signs of onychomycosis, since it can be applied directly to the lesion. The external medicine penetrates directly under the plate through microcracks in the structure of the nail, destroying the mycelium.

Fungicidal varnishes have the following advantages:

  • The liquid structure of the drug allows it to quickly penetrate under the nail plate,
  • Before application, softening or removal of the top layer of the nail is not required, it will only be enough to disinfect,
  • The action of the drug begins immediately after application, its effectiveness is noticeable from the first days of use,
  • The airtight film created by the varnish on the nail surface prevents the further reproduction of a fungal infection, blocking its access to oxygen,
  • Relieves symptoms of fungal infection, eliminates itching, removes redness, reduces signs of the inflammatory process.

It is advisable to use varnish for the treatment of toenail fungus if onychomycosis is superficial, and the infection area does not exceed 2/3 of the entire plate. It is common to use this form of medication for those patients who are contraindicated in tablet therapy.

Mode of application

In order for the nail antifungal medication to be as effective as possible, certain rules for its use should be followed. You can enhance the effect with the help of proper application and preliminary preparation of the nail plate.

The rules for the use of fungicidal varnishes are as follows:

  1. The first step is to thoroughly wash the toenails affected by the fungus. As a detergent, you can use ordinary laundry soap, which has disinfecting properties,
  2. Next, the nail plate should be disinfected with a regular alcohol wipe. Most varnishes from the fungus contain swabs soaked in an alcohol solution. Iodine can be used as an alternative to alcohol,
  3. Wipe the nail plate dry with a cotton cloth, if there are residues of varnish from the previous application, they should be removed,
  4. The nail should be cut as short as possible and its surface treated with a disinfected nail file,
  5. It should be applied according to the instructions and the stated time required for the composition to dry should be maintained.
toenail fungus and its treatment with varnish


Each nail polish has its own frequency of application for the treatment of fungus. It is also not recommended to use several drugs at once, since each of them has different components and has a certain level of antimycotic activity.

Overview of modern varnishes

To navigate among the offers of modern pharmaceuticals regarding varnishes from toenail fungus, you should study the most common offers.

  • Varnish based on Terbinafine, which has a fungicidal effect. Healing nail polish for fungus is especially effective against mold pathogens, yeast and dermatophytes. In the early stages of the disease, it is able to cope with the infection on its own. It is used in combination with other means. It is enough to apply twice a week, since its active ingredient acts for several days. The average duration of treatment is about six months or more, the drug is prohibited for pregnant women and during feeding. Side effects are itching and redness of the skin around the nail. It is possible to apply on top of a regular colored varnish in order to maintain an aesthetic appearance during therapy.
  • Nail polish from a fungus with the active substance Amorolfine, it is advisable to use it only if the pathogen has affected no more than 60% of the area of \u200b\u200bthe nail plate. Otherwise, the use will not be effective. Amorolfine fights various types of pathogens, is able to destroy the mycelium of various types of infections, unlike other similar drugs. Another advantage is that it should be applied no more than twice a week, and the duration of therapy itself is six months. Contraindications are identical to similar varnishes.
  • Important!

    Almost any varnish from fungal nail infection can be used with cosmetic varnish. This makes the treatment process very convenient. The compatibility of the drug with a decorative coating is usually indicated in the instructions for use for an external agent.

  • Based on Cyclopirox. Its manufacturers claim it as a drug that can affect 58 types of fungal pathogens. Cyclopirox acts as the main component of the drug, the treatment is carried out for three months according to a certain scheme. The main contraindications for use are hypersensitivity to the ingredients, pregnancy and lactation, as well as the age category up to 10 years. This is the best drug of its kind.
  • Aventis. The varnish is designed to combat various mycotic forms, provided that the stage of the lesion has not passed into a purulent one. It is effective not only for the nail plate, but for the soft tissues surrounding the nail. The use of the drug during pregnancy is allowed, but its cost is from 1, 700 rubles, which makes it not available to all patients,
  • Varnish, which belongs to low-budget funds, but its effectiveness is proven. However, it makes sense to use it only at the initial stage, otherwise cheap varnish will be ineffective. Shown when delaminating the plate. Colored medical varnish is produced in various shades, which allows you to make the treatment process easy,

The rating of varnishes from nail fungus is constantly updated with various innovative developments of modern pharmaceutical production. Each varnish coating combines such components that have a directed antifungal effect.


The effectiveness of each drug is tested in practice, since the choice among modern varnishes is extensive. These reviews on the use of nail polishes from the fungus on the legs will help you decide on the choice of the drug and characterize each remedy in relation to its effectiveness.

  • The first review, a girl, 22 years old: "I used a varnish based on Cyclopirox on the advice of a doctor. It costs a lot of money, but the drug fully justified itself. I noticed the first changes in the nail on the second day, the redness went away and the endless itching stopped. fungus, I think we can handle it in a matter of weeks. "
  • The second review, a man, 35 years old: "I tried Amorolfine-based varnish in combination with other drugs. It is convenient to use, although the price bites me. I don’t know what specifically helped, varnish, pills or everything in the complex, but the fungus receded after three weeksThe bottle was enough for the entire period of therapy, even still left. I hope it will not come in handy. "
  • The third review, a woman, 36 years old: "I used a budget varnish. Why pay more if there is an equally effective affordable medicine? The varnish was worn under a decorative one, it was inconvenient, however, it was constantly washed and repainted. But the treatment was a success. "

Varnish from a fungal infection of the nail plates on the legs is a convenient medication for its use that can quickly have a destructive effect on the causative agent of the infection. Which varnish from toenail fungus is better depends on the stage of the lesion, the type of pathogen and the individual characteristics of the patient.