Laser treatment of nail fungus

The main advantage of laser fungus treatment is a high temperature pulse, which is achieved by Q-swiched technology, and this in turn allows for greater effectiveness in the treatment of fungus

Laser treatment of nail fungus

How to understand that the theme of the fungus affect you?

You try not to go out in open shoes? But to take off our shoes when people can't be out of the question? And You experienced it all: creams, ointments, gels, cautery iodine, but it is for some reason ineffective in your case? If You answered Yes to 2 of the 3 questions, the method below will allow You to get rid of the anxiety on this subject.

Any obvious signs of fungus are there?

The fungi depends on many favorable factors, a large share of which give the pH environment of the skin.

At an early stage of the disease any symptoms are absent (on the nails appear subtle stripes and spots), onychomycosis can be diagnosed in the laboratory and clinically to consult a doctor dermatologist.Appeared spots gradually increase in diameter. They come in various colors (gray, yellow , white), depending on the causative agent (the fungus kind). This loss can be on any area of the nail plate. The second stage is characterized by a thickening of the free edge of the plate in the form of the seal or loosening of the nail.

Why is it important to treat the fungus, the sooner the better?

First, because the disease will not pass. Secondly, fungal diseases are progressive in nature, which in turn leads to more and more toxic therapies: the basic preparations of the fungus, even the last generation before the "go" in the nail plate, into the blood, which is contraindicated to people with renal or hepatic insufficiency.

And remember,under prolonged wearing decorative nail coating You can lose time without noticing changes.

How to prepare for the procedure?

Prior to treatment, preferably a confirmed result of the analysis of the presence of mycelium or spores of the fungus in the nail plates is valid for 3 months. A few days before the procedure it is necessary to steam the foot in hot soap-soda bath (20-30 minutes), to rasp and trim his nails. This makes the laser irradiation of the nail more intense.If the nail plate is subjected to fungal infection were surgically removed, until the laser treatment should take at least 3-5 months from the moment of manipulation.

What is the self?

One session lasts about 10 minutes. Laser work point, using different nozzles designed to destroy the mycelium of the fungus thread structure) without damaging the nail plate and the tissue under the nail. To achieve the effect you need at least 6 treatments. In advanced cases more.

Due to what kills fungus?

The essence of the procedure is as follows: the laser beam spot affects the affected area, delivering in the thickness of the nail plate a pulse of high temperature, from which the fungus spores are killed. In the result, the affected nail plate is restored. For a more comfortable procedure uses cooling system and air supply.

How often is the procedure for laser treatment for fungus?

The interval between treatments is 10-14 days, however individually can be recommended and other course procedures.

As not to aggravate the situation and successfully recover?

Nail fungus

The laser is not harmless in the wrong hands. Improper management of laser can cause scarring of the tissues, impaired growth of nails, burns, and irreversible deformation of the plate. In this regard, trust only the professionals.

How to know that you cured?

If there are no clinical signs of nail fungus, then with high probability the problem is solved.

Contraindications for laser treatment fungus:

  • Pregnancy or feeding
  • Young age
  • Decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • There are diseases of the connective tissues;
  • There is an acute inflammatory or infectious disease;
  • Diagnosed with cancer or a precancerous condition of the body;
  • Epilepsy
  • Recently the procedure was carried out a chemical peel (you must wait 2 weeks);
  • Recently sunbathing in the Solarium or under the direct sun (too – 2 weeks of waiting);
  • The patient is prone to keloid scars;
  • The recent removal of any internal organ.

More facts about fungus

  • Every 10 years the probability of the presence of the fungus grows in 2 times;
  • Men were nearly 1.5 times more likely to suffer from nail fungus, however, go to the doctor 2 times less. It is established that the fungus has less influence on the quality of life in men;
  • One-third of cases of athlete's foot, infected from a family member;
  • Pool, fitness centre, sports hall is a traditional place of fungus infection.