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Product for treatment of nail fungus and feet

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How to buy cream Funga Fix (in Jeff)

You can get for the treatment of nail fungus and the foot 39€ need:

  • Go to official website Funga Fix
  • Include your name and phone for advice on the product
  • The Manager will call you, give him your address in the country (Spain)
  • The consultant will place an order
  • Get the tool for the treatment of nail fungus and feet in the mail. Payment of the parcel after receipt at the post office. This will save you from receiving defective goods.

Order Funga Fix according to the official price to get a 50% discount!

Where to buy in Rhonda Funga Fix

How to buy Funga Fix in Rhonda

After hearing about the innovative tool Funga Fixmany are asking how to buy treatment for fungus nails and feet in Rhonda (Spain). Not to buy substandard or fake drug, the cream must be ordered on the official website of the manufacturer. Enter in the order form the name and telephone number, the operator will call to confirm your order, it will specify the details on the phone. The operator arranges transportation to Rhonda. Place an order and wait for delivery

Here are instructions that will help you navigate and purchase goods at a price 39€:

Go to the official website and leave your request on the website below on the left to the phone number you called consultant. The Manager will advise you and arrange the delivery (in Spain) Rhonda. The exact cost of delivery by mail or courier may vary depending on the city, you should not pay for the goods and delivery in advance. To obtain and pay for goods at the post office or the courier who delivered the parcel, and only after receiving the drug. Promotion! Buy Funga Fix at 50% discount.